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Works in Progress:

I am editing and Daniel Dahlstrom is translating three pieces by Edith Landmann-Kalischer on value theory:

--“Über den Erkenntniswert ästhetischer Urteile: Ein Vergleich zwischen Sinnes- und Werturteilen” [On the Cognitive Value of Aesthetic Judgments: A Comparison Between Sense and Value Judgments] (1905)

--“Über künstlerische Wahrheit” [On Artistic Truth] (1906)

--“Philosophie der Werte” [Philosophy of Values] (1910)

I am co-authoring Geography of Taste with Dominic McIver Lopes, Mohan Matthen, and Bence Nanay. (Oxford University Press, under contract)

Other pieces in progress:

“Symbolic Cognition and the Possibility of Metaphysics” for the Cambridge Critical Guide to the Prolegomena, ed. Peter Thielke (Cambridge University Press)

"Kant on Beauty and Aesthetic Virtue" for the Oxford Handbook on Kant, eds. Anil Gomes and Andrew Stephenson

"Kant on Imagination as a Distinct Mental Capacity" for Kant's Fundamental Assumptions, eds. Colin Marshall and Colin McLear

"Back to the Secondary Quality Analogy: Edith Landmann-Kalischer's Moderate Objectivism About Aesthetic Value"

"Aesthetic Autonomy and Norms of Exposure" 

“Aesthetic Ideals and Aesthetic Lives”